about us

BRID is a young company based in Galway, Ireland that has been initiated to accomplish a specific task:
to deliver on biorefinery development and to implement sustainable technologies into the market.
We are aware that transferring technologies into real world applications is difficult,
but we accept this challenge to make an impact on the bioeconomy.

BRID has emerged from an innovation network in the field of academia. Therefore it can provide and leverage expertise and experience from many years of applied research in the field of biorefining.  The approach BRID takes is strongly built on:

  •  our spirit for cooperation,
  • our expertise & experience,
  • our motivation to push forward for sustainable technologies based on renewables, and, our set of values: integrity, trust and benefits for more people and society.

The way we operate is straightforward. 

We build a highly experienced consortium by integrating partners from academia and industry alike, and, we secure funds from R&D programmes and other sources for the implementation of the project. Sometimes we work backwards to kick-start the process.

BRID has been developing technologies in the following fields:

  • Use of membrane technology combination for high selectivity and end product concentration
  • Pre-treatment of lignocelluloses and enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Selective fermentation for value-added products (e.g. lactic acid on 2ndgeneration feedstock)
  • Process analysis and optimisation (e.g. dairy industry)
  • Development/optimisation of downstream processing technologies (e.g. for high purity lactic acid recovery, esterification)
  • Technology scenarios for process waste water valorisation from food processing
  • ….